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The Party won a sweeping victory at the general election.

At first many things seemed different, but I soon got involved in my new life. Piter's mother enters his room, and in spite of the windows being opened, she can tell that Piter has been smoking. Ariel got pregnant at age fourteen.

Eat while it's warm. Lead poisoning endangers the health of millions of children around the world.

Do you really think you can learn to speak French fluently in three months? She teaches us French. Alright! Ten yuan buys five kilos, OK? No one matures without growing pains. I must be sure. What don't you like about me? We'll destroy their dens. Please get off my porch. Let's split it. I have never drawn anything in my life.

I think we should let Raphael go to Boston by himself. Does Daniele know that you like Miriam? Boston was where it all began.

The earth is just a sphere suspended in space. I might have to be very angry with you if you were to come alone. Do you want to study in Germany? You should choose your friends very carefully. It makes no difference to me whether you are rich or poor. It is not my day.

That sounds beautiful. Christina is an ordinary-looking guy. Casey ripped me off. They exchanged formal greetings. Roger didn't have anything to worry about. Samir tried to stand up, but he couldn't. I just got a message from him. Who will protect me while you are away?

Let the problem alone. I was already convinced. We're trying to get a hold of Shari. Suwandi told me you were pretty good at tennis. You're not one of us. Just make yourself at home. A Mr. Williams came to see you yesterday. God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life. Vincenzo needs his privacy.

Norman restrained himself. Tell her to not look for me. Bruce said he would be here. The rooms in this hotel are not as clean as the rooms in that hotel. It's something Mikey made. You're taking a big risk coming here. I'd like to know why. I'll text you when I'm done. Murray is talking to me.

There is a swan in the water there. This is something I don't understand. The ship is now in the harbor. That makes sense. Grant looked through the peephole in the door. She doesn't have any deep convictions. If you speak quietly, I don't understand you. We're having engine problems.

Everyone knew everyone else. Would you please pour me a cup of coffee? Are you going to take the bus home? I haven't visited the headquarters of Twitter. I was what you are, you'll be what I am. Throw Duncan the ball. A Mr Brown wants you on the phone. The real queen was now restored to all her dignity, and was beloved by all. The glass ceiling refers to an invisible barrier that keeps women and minorities from reaching the top of the corporate ladder.

Give me some time to figure out what went wrong. What makes life dreary is the want of motivation. Dan's death was officially ruled as an unfortunate accident. Call Norm and Manuel this evening. Where are they right now? I almost bought that same tie.